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to continue to pursue the dream of life and happiness of my family

starting from spending time with family, work hard, study hard and return to the path thatGod blessed. to make a change is not something that is easy to do but it requires sacrifice, love, money, or time. properties necessary for us to grow as patient characteristics of the received test from God, stoic face of resistance, sincerely helping others, honesty in every action,obedience to God and always trust in all that tender. 

let the past be a memorable day and the day's events were once regarded as a steppingstone towards maturity. if the path we walked to the front, do not occasionally turn round.throw all bad tempers and establish a new confidence.

let us not forget the people who have had our collective past that has given a bitter and sweet memories that we can not forget until we die. without him, we will not know the nature and behavior. very grateful to you who helped me to change and return the correct streets insyallah ~ only GOD can repay you all well and sacrifice.

to be continue~